Simple and Easy Hair Treatment Methods to be applied in Humidity


Frizzy Hair, hair fall, and rough split-ends go hand in hand with Humidity and we need to take maximum care of our hair because we don’t want to lose our hair when fall comes. The extra care I’m talking about is easy and won’t take much of your time and money.

How to manage your hair in Humidity?

Mild Shampoo

Since our hair are damp because of the humidity and we face lots of sweating in our hair. We need to make our hair clean and free of pollution and for that, we must use a mild shampoo because chemicals do affect our hair.

For straight hair, mild shampoos are always recommended because straight hair is thin and they go oily so quicklyCream-based Shampoo

For people who have curly or frizzy hair naturally, need to use cream-based shampoos. Their hair texture is dry and brittle so added cream serves as a hair softener.


Conditioners are necessary to avoid frizzy hair and they also support styling


Blow-drying in Humidity not only kills the shine but also leave coarse hair behind.


Hairstyling in humid weather must be simple and include tying up hair especially from the front. One can do braids, buns with different styles so that they don’t touch one’s face. Ponytails have always been climate friendly. Avoid using gel and products of this sort because the weather is already moist and it may make a mess in your hair.


Fancy haircuts in this weather are a big NO. They add up to the frizz and become unmanageable due to humidity and sweating.


Drying hair in this weather is a real challenge. But after drying your hair completely try massaging oil on your scalp and leave it there. Practice this before taking a bath. Mild oils like Almond, Balboa, and coconut should be used and a gentle massage is given to the scalp.


Combing or brushing your hair at least once a day is necessary because it helps in blood circulation and removes dead cells from the surface of your head. Moreover, it helps in getting rid of broken hair. Gentle combing must be done and hair must be touched less because sebum can make your hair breathe less.


Drink lots of water and lemonade if you can. Add vegetables with high protein and fiber contents. Intake of potassium-rich and foods with Omega-3 especially helps in maintaining the hair in this weather. Dairy products, green leafy veggies like peas, broccoli, sprouts, and mushrooms should be eaten.

avoid sweating activities because of sweat and sebum aid in hair fall and hair loss.  Try making a change in your present routine. Follow these natural steps and make sure you prefer natural products over artificial ones. Good Luck!

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