Momo Game Replacing Blue Whale- A Suicide game to kill

Momo Game

Momo Game details:

How has Momo game been designed to kill youngsters?

Teenagers have always been a soft target to attack. By attack, I mean emotionally and physically because it’s when you’re hitting puberty. It can hit your hormones really upset your moods and physical appearance.

Minecraft is among the most searched games and teenagers and kids love playing adventurous, challenging yet creepy games.

Internet game “Blue Whale” had engulfed so many teenage lives because of sadness and depression. Now it’s “Momo Game” who came into the limelight when we had forgotten all about these suicidal games.

This queasy game finds it prey via WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and even Minecraft. This sick journey begins with flooding creepy images and then welcomes the user into the game by threatening him/her. Mainly these games play with a person’s physique and brainwash them by depicting “pleasure by pain” content and extreme violence. Since kids, these days have access to the internet and some of them literally have their own cellphones and parents seem least interested or are unaware of what their kid is watching or playing.

This game has a scary picture of a chicken like women with bulging eyes. It gives orders to the players more or less the same as the Blue Whale.

  1. Waking up at odd hours

  2. Overcoming their fears

And ultimately ending their miserable life. This Suicidal game pops up on YouTube and Minecraft when the kid is all lost playing it and then out of curiosity. He tries to find out what exactly is this all about and becomes a victim.

On Facebook/Whatsapp, it challenges you to contact an unknown user and that’s how you enter the game.

Momo Game

A 12-year-old girl has suicided and the evidence was found after her phone was hacked. The avatar of the game has been inspired by a Japanese artist’s work and it quite disturbing and scary. We just hope and pray that there are no more killings or causalities. Because the game it seemed to have spread vast and can lead to depression, anxiety, exorcism and death.

Parents are requested to notice the strange behaviour of their children and talk to them about what’s going on in their lives. Parents, teachers and Elders can save their kids from falling into actions that can risk their lives or put them in anxious state or depression.

This blog is to inform you about this game so be aware!