Nawaz Shareef, the blasphemous and money launderer

Nawaz Shareef

I have always been a critic of Nawaz Shareef for his lack of intellect, logic, considering people stupid, obliging family and friends, abuse of power, non-development of institutions and damaging the already established institutes by bribery and undue promotions and the list goes on.

I was right on all the things, apart from one. That Pakistanis are stupid people. I truly believe now that Pakistan can be named as Stupid Republic of Pakistan because of the majority being stupid and illogical. 50.1% of population accounts for 100 million people, whom Jalib described as “Ye jo 10 crore hai, Jahal ka nichor hai” and at one time he said “Ye jo 10 crore hai gadhay(donkeys) jinka naam hay awaam” are the people I am taking about.

In Pakistan democracy is growing slowly but the best part is it’s growing. In past establishment used to influence one party to win election with other party readily accepting the opposition role. During the Musharaf’s regime this trend changed. Rather forcing one party to win, it’s good to have a bucket of MNA’s in your pocket whom you can maneuver any time to anywhere. These electable’s helped PMLQ to run government in Pakistan till 2008. Death of Benazir Bhutto changed the dynamics of election 2008 and the governance of PPP is not an untold story.

The main objective of this article is trend in the electoral process. In 2013 elections ANP and PPP were not given enough space to do election campaign and who ensured that are referred as aliens nowadays (khalai makhlooq). The fact of fear was used as they had an example of Benazir Bhutto so people refrained from going to their campaigns and Zardaris efficiency as a ruler was icing on the cake.

Nawaz Shareef government was not better in any case the only leverage he got was the the extreme reduction in petroleum prices and gradual building of electricity projects. Nawaz being idiot lit fire to his hut by his own lamp. (Ghar ko aag lag gai ghar Kay chiragh se).

When Bajwah was appointed as COAS, news were circulated that he is Qadiyani, the most hated and controversial people in Pakistan. Khalai makhlooq were smart people to control the media and thing was covered but that enlightened the brains of those khalai makhlooq and same thing was used agaisnt Nawaz and company. A sit in was staged in capital to do publicity that Nawaz and company are declaring Qadiyanis are Muslim. This lit fire in the hearts of people and fatwas were initiated against nawaz and company and to vote them was declared haram. Similar thing propagated and turned into a uncontrollable fire against PMLN.

Who are these people who turned agaisnt Nawaz Shareef and company, mostly illiterate class of Pakistan or those who have degrees with no brains. All of this lot started hating him and his company based on religious allegations they can’t even interprete.

Apart from this, another form of electoral campaign model used in India is anti-Pakistan criteria. Just declare someone sympathizer of Pakistan in India and he will loose election. So this is answer to Nawaz Shareef’s 4.6 billion money laundering to India as he is Indian friend so he can’t be sincere to Pakistan.

Now the thing is if khalai makhlooq needs to increase their credibility proofs of this 4.6 billion must be placed in front of public, even if they don’t, still Nawaz Shareef and company has become like spare tire, you keep it with your car, but you don’t like it on regular basis.

Disclaimer: writing is an analysis and can be wrong, writer don’t pose, blame or claim anything about any person mentioned directly or indirectly in the article.



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