Here is all you need to know about the new One Plus 6


The new flashing new One Plus 6 is all set to enter the market. It is a follow up to the One Plus 5T. The upcoming mobile is expected to be priced around 675 USD and is to be out for purchase from 30th of June, 2018. People have been waiting very eagerly for the technological beast to hit the market.

It has a faster processor compared to its predecessors. With the powerful Snapdragon 845 processor the smart phone can simply amaze you just with its dazzling speed.

To complement its amazing speed we have 8 Giga Bytes of RAM that come handy with the set. Now it is obvious that with such good speed and power in the processing unit one would want some nice room in terms of storage space! So to delight you the phone caters you with 128 i.e. a hundred and twenty eight Giga Bytes of internal storage which makes it one hell of a beast. Dude, some laptops have less storage than this!

Well, some questions have been raised regarding the battery life of the smart phone. But the makers answer the question with the banging 3500 mAh battery which could go on like forever.

One Plus 6 the camera quality is just phenomenal with 23 Mega Pixels rear camera which come in Dual Camera format.

The screen is though a bit small but still 5.7 inches is too good for a classy phone. But for the people for whom ‘size does matter’ it is a bit disappointing.

The somewhat awesome mobile phone set has dual sim which is a great news especially for the Indian subcontinent.The beast though runs on V8 Android Version which is the fantastic “Oreo”, the successor of V7.

The dash charging feature is what really makes the phone special. People who have less time and are really too busy for charging their phones will be delighted with the feature.

The China based smart phone vendor One Plus 6 has really come up with a sleek and sporty mobile with bezel less display which delivers a unique visual experience to the users.

According to the company the device is water resistant and dust proof at the same time. How cool is that! So much for just 44,000 INR is really awesome.

To a surprise, it has a front facing fingerprint sensor which again according to the makers is quite efficient.The super AMOLED display is the other thing in display type that adds to the appreciation of the product.

For nerds, the pixel density has also been increased which would definitely bring a smile to their faces. And the 16M colour reproduction is the icing on the cake.

Although the phone did not provide a selfie flash which is a feature that smart phone companies give at a way low price.The 30 frames per second recording in 1080 pixels is another delight to photographers and especially video graphers and mobile video producers.

The fact that the memory is not expendable is a bummer but still what more will you want to have that cannot accommodate in 128 GB storage.

The battery is lithium ion which cannot be taken out of the sealed set due to user safety reasons. It is good that it supports Type C USB which would make data transfer quite faster than normal. The phone supports all 2G, 3G and 4G type connectivity along with Voice Over LTE (VoLTE).

Even though it has so many features, the fact that it does not have a small infrared sensor really puts it behind MI, another China Based Mobile Vendor. The 8 (Octa Core) processor would make up for all its shortcomings. It has 1.8 GHz frequency which is again faster than some of the laptops in the market.

Some extra features-

  • 3200*1800 pixels resolution
  • Dash Charging
  • Enabled GPS
  • NFC Chipset available
  • Qualcomm make
  • Proximity Sensor present
  • Accelerometer present
  • Gyroscope present
  • Ambient light present

With so much in one small device really leaves no reason not to buy it instantly. It has everything one could ask for and even some extra features the users did not really need as a necessity. It is like a starter of a big year of new smart phone launches this year

There goes a small saying, “with time, phones are becoming smarter and people are becoming dumber”. This fact is not completely untrue. The increasing demand and dependency over devices especially smart phones is alarming. It has suddenly become a necessity of our life. But just 10 years ago we all were happy with our simple Nokia or Symbian sets. The smart phone industry has really taken the world market as a storm and the new One Plus 6 is another tsunami.