NESCAFE Basement Season 5 rocked

NESCAFE Basement Season 5 lethal music

NESCAFE Basement

NESCAFE Basement Season 5 produced amazing music

NESCAFE Basement started their first season back in 2012. They continued at a slow pace but they did not compromise on their quality of music. Zulfiqar Jabar Khan is the man behind NESCAFE Basement who created this.

Talking particularly about Season 5 then I must say “Awesome” like “Awesome” first they cam up with Bol Hu – Soch the Band ft. Hadiya Hashmi. Mehbooba ft. Ali Asghar, Ali Tariq, Hamza Tanveer & Sinan Salman. RANJHNA by Shahzad-e-Ali and now GHAROLI-GHOOM CHARAKHA | Tahseen Sakina and Baluch Twins.

NESCAFE Basement getting appreciation from not only viewers from Pakistan but all over the world. Especially they came up with new talent and promoting raw talent. On the other hand Coke studio season, 11 was a flop and got huge criticism because of a poor quality of work.

Some people are now thinking that soon Nescafe will take place of coke studio if they will continue to produce low-quality music and promotion of cosmetic singers. There is some news that very exciting songs are in pipeline which is going to be released soon.