Recent developments in North Punjab Election 2018

North Punjab election 2018
North Punjab election 2018

North Punjab Election 2018:

North Punjab election 2018 after the finalization of the tickets from both major political parties PML-N and PTI now the situation is getting more clearer and clearer. Let’s talk about the North Punjab situation.¬†

From Attock on both seats Major Tahir Sadiq is contesting and his opponent Malik Amin Aslam Khan’s group protest in front of Bani Gala for ticket allocation to Major Tahir Sadiq, but after the statement of Imran Khan that Malik Amin Aslam will be getting ticket in by-election from this seat the position is very clear for PTI in Attock.

In Jehlum Election it will be neck to neck between PML-N and PTI somehow Ch Fawad has some edge and on the other seat, PML-N’s candidate is in a better position. In by-elections, PTI just lost an election with 8 thousand votes in NA 63 Jehlum of that time in 2016.

For Chakwal PTI has announced only 1 ticket NA 64 to Sardar Ghulam Abbas who contested the independent election in 2013 and got 100k+ votes against PML-N candidate and PTI candidate has score 45 thousand+ votes, and in 2018 PML-Q also supporting PTI’s candidate and PTI is supporting them on NA 65.

And if we talk about Rawalpindi division then there will be very tough competition between PTI+AML against PML-N. Rawalpindi is the largest division of North Punjab with 7 National Assembly seats. PML-N announced their candidates for NA-59 and NA-63 against Ch Nisar. Now straight away PTI’s strong candidate Ghulam Sarwar Khan is favourite and can win these two seats easily now. PTI has not announced their candidates for NA 60 and NA 62 Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad will be contesting these seats on AML ticket. Sheikh Rasheed will be facing Hanif Abbasi in NA 60 and Barrister Daniyal Ch in NA 62. Although Sheikh Rasheed is very famous because of his talking ability he cant win even PP seat all alone without the Support of any major political party. He is in very good position against Hanif Abbasi as Faiz Ul Hassan Chohan is contesting from PP-17 which is included in NA 60. On the other hand, Daniyal ch son of senator Chaudhry Tanvir will be giving tough time to Sheikh Rasheed and can win this seat.

In NA 57 PTI has given the ticket to their passionate party leader Sadaqat Abbasi who contested the last election against Ex-prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, this time Shahid Khaqan’s nomination papers not approved yet. The dynamics of this constituency previously NA50 Muree has changed due to very less development in the area. If Khaqan Abbasi will not able to contest then the chances of PTI are brighter. In NA 58¬†RAJA MUHAMMAD JAVED IKHLAS of PML-N is in the better position as compare to Chaudary Azeem of PTI and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf (Ex-Prime minister) of PPP.

Form NA 61 PTI’s North Punjab president Amir Kiyani will be contesting election from this constituency against Malik Ibrar Ahmed sitting MNA of PML-N. In the last election from this constituency PTI’s candidate just lost from less than 8 thousand votes but now Hina Manzoor is contesting election from his own party now.

In Mianwali there is a clear edge for IMRAN AHMAD KhAN NIAZI and AMJAD ALI KHAN NIAZI both will be winning NA 95 and 96 respectively against HAJI OBAIDULLAH KHAN SHADI KHEL and MUHAMMAD HUMAIR HAYAT KHAN ROKRI. PTI has announced very strong candidates from Khusab district Umar Aslam Khan, Malik Mohammad Ehsan Ullah Tiwana. Umer Aslam Khan contested last three elections and lost all three elections from very less margin his father won this seat consecutively in past. Sumeria Malik will be fighting from Khusab and she is also a very strong candidate but I am seeing PTI favourite from Na 93 and PML-N from NA94.

From Bukhar PTI has announced their candidate from NA 98 and PML-N has announced NA 97 and both are wining candidates and remain part of national assembly from 2013-18.

After the joining of the couple of electibles like Nadeem Afzal Chan and many more PTI got some support in Sargodha district. Sargodha has remained a stronghold of PML-N from 90’s and still, they have very strong support from there. PML-N has announced 3 seats up till now, there are total 5 National assembly seats in Sargodha. PTI will be giving tough time to PML-N but chances of PML-N as a whole are higher.

North Punjab election 2018 will be playing the key role in forming a Federal government it consists a number of National Assembly seats less than Central and South Punjab but more than West Punjab. North Punjab election 2018 will not be easy for any party to contest it will be neck to neck in a majority of constituencies.


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