Outfit ideas for tall, short, chubby and pear-shaped bodies

Outfit ideas

Outfit ideas for all body types

Outfit ideas: To make your bodies look good, love the way your body is and flaunt it in its best ways.  Exercise, healthy food and lots of water are the key factors for a healthy living and a sound body. I come across several people every day that have been trying a different kind of stuff and still not finding the required results so I ask them to be who they are and love their bodies and skins. Well, there is always room for improvement but still changing habits or your outfits and accessories can add up to your personality.

Well, known body shapes include tall figures, short (cute) ones, pear-shaped and chubby bodies. The first thing that you should always wear is “confidence” and “self-love” they not only boost up your self-esteem but also make you own every look. Simple and easy tricks can really make you look effortless and chic. Once you update your wardrobe you can rock every look you want.

Outfit ideas

Outfit ideas for Short girls:

  1. Do some heels and boots shopping. Heels add to the height and boots are comfortable and they look sexy when wisely paired with dresses. Avoid wedges.
  2. Buy trousers and pants that are fitted. Loose outfits make short people shorter and chubbier.
  3. Fitted tops and skinny jeans go perfectly when you’re short and chubby and don’t forget to pair it with your favourite pair of heels.
  4. Carry cute little accessorize like clutches and bags.
  5. Always make your legs look longer. Try culet trousers, especially the one having vertical lines, with short fitted shirts and tied up hair.
  6. If you plan to wear cuffed jeans, don’t! Because it will make your legs short. However, if you really want to wear them pair them with a long shirt or dress
  7. Avoid short sleeves. Fitted or flexible sleeves to the hand tip look sexy plus add length to your arm.
  8. Monochromes and jumpsuits are a short girl’s best friend. Make sure it does not have a big or confused pattern.
  9. Tucking in your loose baggy shirt might help too
  10. Avoid big scarfs and woollen mufflers because they cover half of your body and make your upper body look chubby and layered.
  11. Always maintain a good posture.

Outfit ideas for tall girls:

  1. Don’t push away heels (unless you’re 6 feet above lol) try on block heels and boots.
  2. Tall girls can rock almost every outfit until they put up too much fat and weight, in such case one should wear slimly fitted bottoms mainly skinny jeans and cigarette pants, paired with perfectly sized tops and t-shirts.
  3. Long hair really goes well with tall girls.
  4. Wearing colourful and confused patterns don’t really bother people with good heights.

Outfit ideas for pear-shaped bodies:

  1. Fancy A-line tops are a must when you have a pear-shaped body. Because it will catch the on-looker to your upper part and forget about the thighs.
  2. Wear chokers and jewellery that makes your neck longer.
  3. Wide hems and layering really help in hiding the pear shape and bumpy thighs.
  4. Pointed shoes with wide hemmed trousers or pants are a help too.
  5. Avoid latex and shiny pants. Fitted jeans wide tops really suit people with large thighs.
  6. Layering up your body with clothes can also make you rock any look you want.

Outfit ideas for chubby girls:

  1. Try on little and intricate patterns because it will make your body compact and slim.
  2. Avoid big prints and loose dresses. Wear vibrant colour belts around the waist.
  3. Cover most of your body and avoid little or extra fitted clothes and frocks.
  4. Boots are cool. Pair them with cuffed jeans and mid-length dresses.
  5. Striped shirts can make a chubby girl slimmer than before.
  6. Long hair and long dresses also make one look in-shape.
  7. Try making your waist look the slimmest.