No Luxury perks of Pak Army Officers in Naya Pakistan

Pak Army Officers confirmed from reliable sources that Imran Khan on the advice of COAS will also review the perks of Pak Army Officers to strength Austerity Drive and set an example of leading from the front.

Pak Army Officers in Naya Pakistan has to fulfil their luxurious lifestyle from there own money. As New Government head Imran Khan announced to cut down the expense of the civil and military departments. Before making it official policy Prime Minister Imran Khan met COAS Qamar Javaid Bajwa to discuss following ten points.

#COAS Agreed on following and announces will follow soon.

1. All 4/3/2 and 1-star houses along with Houses of Station commanders, logistic Area commanders, Static installation commandants, Depot commanders will be auctioned or converted into hostels for Orphans of martyrs.

2. All Army messes and guest houses will be privatized on the lines of KP govt tourism dept as million and millions are spent on its maintenance beside huge human resource is utilized / employed .

3. The policy of allowing plots to Pak Army Officers as service benefits shall be stopped forthwith except benefits of martyrs.

4. NCB or servant will not be provided as its misuse of human resources and the burden of govt exchanger all Govt officers shall be treated under the same police.

5. All four star and below will be using only 1000 Cc cars as per federal govt policy.

6. No air cargo or heli service will be allowed to any Pak Army Officers. All officers shall be using road services for meeting and other official duties. Heli service will only be allowed after special permission from COAS on a case to case basis
7. All two star and below shall remove AC from their offices as per army rules and stand operating procedures.

8. All Available DHA plots will be auctioned and the amount will be deposited for Debt clearance and Construction of dam.
9. 50 % concession voters are waved off.

10. All Pak Army Officers residences must be metered and they must pay electricity as per normal rates.