Pakistan and India: Breaking the stereotypes

stereotypes between Pakistan and India

Pakistan and India

Pakistan and India relationship of Indo-Pak

every child born in Pakistan and India parents have been brainwashed that all Indians are cruel. They are bad and are our enemies. We are told that they should never be made friends. Indians especially Sikhs are considered less of a human by our ancestors and this prejudice is carried on till date.

My grandmother used to tell us how brutally these Sikhs treated us Muslims at the time of partition, how they looted us. Since childhood, we have been advised to befriend a tree but not a Sikh as they are the most inhumane creatures.

At the time of partition, some Sikh families brutally killed Muslim Families, as my grandma narrates they made them (Muslims) stand in a row and they shot them dead. In front of her eyes, all her family was dropped dead on the ground. This mass kills affected her mind and resulted in her hatred towards Sikh Community.

On the contrary, I had a totally different experience in 2004, I with my family visited India, there I happen to meet lots of Sikhs. I tried to avoid them as much as I could, remembering what my Nani said. On our way back to Pakistan my father was getting our boarding passes. I being a kid was getting impatient, there a military man came and picked me up and shushed me and tried to calm me down.

To my utmost surprise, he was a Sikh, he hugged me and kissed my cheeks and smiled at me, said some kind words and let me go. The only memory I have is this I didn’t remember anything else except Cycle Rickshaws of India. I realize it now that we should never ever force our beliefs to our coming generations, show them the right path and let them decide accordingly. There is no doubt that pakistan and India both are the countries with full of talent and passion and yes there are some reservation and issues still we cannot blame all community because of the act of few, there are good or bad people in every society