The Script of Pakistan Establishment in Political System!

Pakistan Establishment

The Script! The Script of Pakistan Establishment in Political System.

It’s been 20 years since I am studying from pre-school to junior high, senior high, college university until I got enrolled in Ph.D., one thing I was consistent in is trying to figure out what kind of questions can come in exam, what I should be expecting and what I shouldn’t be expecting. These 2 decades of experience has developed a kind of sense that helps in finding the patterns in things going around me as well apart from the exams. I have been wrong in past and can be wrong here as well, but my gut feelings are saying I am right this time.

Even the supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf have seen the charisma when boot-boys are at your back, you don’t have to organize big Jalsas, long marches, protests etc. Imran Khan who is a well-known critic of the role of Pakistan Establishment and army in political engineering supported by same Pakistan Establishment and boots. But Why? Let us dive into the abysmal history of Pakistan. In 1999, when Musharraf darling sent Nawaz Sharif to jail, that was the time when Pakistan establishment realized that it is time for our democracy to stand on its own and start working. Similar was done by making a government with a new party named PMLQ and they performed really well in governance and projects. However, things started changing when Musharraf did the biggest mistake of his tenure, NRO on 5th of October, 2007. This pissed the establishment who were already against Musharraf’s way of running the government and the beneficiaries of that NRO resulted in taking the chair back from Musharraf, the guy who himself said that his uniform is his skin was also taken away.

Both the parties which were made irrelevant from Pakistani politics came back again and got full tenure for 5 years. Their performance in their respective tenures was itself enough to get them out but the addition of Zardari in PPP and Panama in PMLN added the spices for Boots to get them out again from Pakistani politics. The never quitting Khan was after them since he emerged as the third power. Life is short, the day Nawaz Sharif is punished by NAB court, it was made obvious that others in line will be held accountable, and what happened next is not a surprise. Zardari’s name added into Exit Control List. Now many people will have to figure out whom to get a lawyer and where to find Qataris. The surprise is, that the mood of Boots is kind of shaky, and they might also sacrifice some of their old goats to be in the league of judicial supremacist. The real surprise will be that Musharraf will be that goat which army will be ready to sacrifice.

I personally love him for his bravado type commentary and work he did in IT and higher education for Pakistan, but his NRO resulted in sending Pakistan 30 years back. I will cry the day he will be punished but I am seeing him behind the bars, maybe in 3-4 years, but I am seeing him. Once Imran Khan will take power, there will be protests all over Pakistan for bringing Musharraf back and holding him accountable. Let’s see which side these whole scenarios lead to. I wish and pray I don’t have to cry, but I think these tears are inevitable. As far as I understand, our establishment has realized that they need a strong democratic government to run the state with so many issues parallel to each other. So some accountability is good, you can confiscate their properties as they might be hard earned money of Pakistanis but just don’t put Musharraf behind the bars, you can take Kiyani and his brother but don’t take Musharraf, please.