Pakistan New Government Strict Policy Related Establishment

Pakistan New Government

Pakistan New Government Policy Released related to Establishment & Government Employes

  • Ban on official meals during meetings.
  • The ban on the purchase of cars and return of all vehicles to the Federal / Provincial pool. Only Suzuki and Cultus vehicles will be allowed to Govt. Officers from BPS- 17-22. All other vehicles will be auctioned.
  • The ban on recruitment of drivers.
  • Collect and auction all SUV’s being misused in government departments.
  • Identify and name and shame those illegally using vehicles and staff at residences.
  • Govt vehicles in bazaars and outside schools and at residences to be photographed and reported for seizure.
  • Ban on government functions in 4/5 Star Hotels.
  • Reduction by order, 1/3 in the POL, Repair/Maintenance budgets of all govt. Semi govt departments and corporations.
  • Cancellation of all contractual re-employment over the age of 60.
  • Vacate and auction priceless govt property which includes Colonial bungalows/offices etc by BS 17-22 officers in Islamabad & throughout Pakistan-to raises $1 billion for debt retirement and dam building.
  • The ban on officers travels abroad. ( Establishment Division, Islamabad ).

Pakistan New Government is ready to collect maximum revenue within a country and they have the plan to take Countries money from outside of Pakistan.

Pakistan New Government has announced a couple of Policies to cut down the Budget of the Government.

As PTI head Imran Khan announced his 100-day plan of now we can see some of the steps are taken in the first week of the 100 days.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday offered to provide humanitarian assistance to the flood-hit Indian state of Kerala. The premier also extended “prayers and best wishes to those who have been devastated by the floods in Kerala, India,” on behalf of the people of Pakistan.

The offer of assistance by Pakistan comes after the premier reiterated the country’s desire to normalise relation with India and resolution of all outstanding issues, including Kashmir, through dialogue.