Pakistani Atheists are increasing with the time Recent Survey

Pakistani Atheists

Atheists are the people who don’t believe in the existence of God. They become Atheists after leaving the religion of their parents. Mostly there are ex-Christian Atheists and ex-Muslim Atheists. In Pakistan, there are mostly ex-Muslim Atheists.
According to a Gallup survey, 1% of the Pakistani population was Atheist in 2005. In 2012 it reached 2%. However, the Pakistani Atheists claim that there are more Atheists in Pakistan than the ones claimed in the survey. They say the majority of the Pakistani Atheists hide their identity due to the atmosphere of fear and radicalization in Pakistan The majority existence of Pakistani atheists was proved when a group “Pakistani Atheist and Agnostic Alliance” on Facebook received 20,000 requests to join it within 24 hours of its creation.

The larger number of Atheist pages on Facebook also prove the larger existence of Pakistani Atheists.

A few months ago, a hashtag 1 crore Pakistani Atheists was also popular that strengthens the point of a larger number of Atheist existence. Majority of the Pakistani Atheists are the intellectual people having degrees from renowned universities. They are fond of exploring new horizons of knowledge and mostly Stephen Hawkings, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Bill Maher are their mentors and guides.

The reason for the growing numbers of Atheists in Pakistan is the new scientific discoveries that have challenged the doctrine of religion. The growing Islamic terrorism is also believed to be a reason of growing Atheism because most of the Atheists consider Islam as a cause of terrorism and therefore leave it. A few months back there was a crackdown on Atheists on Facebook where many of their pages were blocked.
However, Atheists claim more Free Speech and an end to blasphemy laws. They claim a free society where everybody is free enough to say anything he likes will produce a civilized, progressive and a 21st-century society.