Parallel Universe of your own thinking?

Parallel Universe

Parallel universe

“Technologies that may be realized in centuries or millennium include: warp drive, travelling faster than the speed of light, parallel universe, are there other parallel dimensions and parallel realities? Time travel that we mentioned and going to the stars”

Once upon a time, a family lived in a big house. The house was very aesthetic. The house was fully furnished, there was every opportunity in that house including everything was servants, drivers and all that.  

Everyone was living happily with each other.  

The family had the only child named Jane. The family had witnessed her special room for playing. Jane’s room was fully decorated with colourful artificial flowers, toys, swings, and many more playful things. She used to play alone as she was the only child, at times her mother also play with her. But most of the time she played alone. While playing alone, she saw a hole in her room on the wall where the swing is placed.  

One sunny day, there was so much heat outside the door. She decided to invite her friends to her home to play with her friends instead of playing alone at home. 

While they were playing,  Jane chanced upon this enchanted hole.  

She landed on a field of multi-coloured daisies and the daisies greeted her Hello! With a song. 

The daisies conversed with one another, commenting how this strange kid that dropped out of the sky was not safe for the children of this world. Instead of that, Jane being alone used to imagine outside of the world, above the sky where birds swim and fish flies, and THERE SHE WAS!! 

Jane was fascinated by the big beautiful breathtaking castle appeared in the field of daisies. In the castle, a lady named Emilie, who used to live with her only girl Rose. She had some magical powers by birth, and that magical power was HAIR!!!! 

Her hair was almost ten to fifteen feet long. Jane was so astonished by her enchanting beauty. 

Rose’s mother warned her to not to go out of that castle because she had mysterious magical powers of having been so much long hair and that hair used to grow every time, that even if she cut a single hair her all magical power would die at once.  

Jane was curiously waiting for Rose that when she came out? Always looking to a castle that may be there was some specific time for her to came out but her mother warned her that World is full of evils, anyone could be jealous of your beauty. So BEWARE! And didn’t permit her to come out of this castle.  

But Jane wanted to saw her anyway.  

But Jane’s wish come to an end when she came to know about the above reality.  

Then daisies wanted to ask Jane, Hey You! A green lady daisy spoke up. 

Me? Jane’s eyes widened and searched for the daisy that spoke. 

Yes, you, what is your business here?  

I don’t know miss. I fell into a hole from up there, she replied whilst looking forward to the sky. 

There was swing at the side of daisy’s field. Jane started taking the swing and started thinking about this world of beauty. Whilst taking swing she had gone to sleep. And in the dream, thinking that she would dive in the clouds, and fly in the water. She would talk to the trees and flowers. Fruits would greet her as she walks by.  

The rain would fall gently on her cheek but won’t get her beautiful hair wet. The lullabies sang at night. 

Her sleep was interrupted by the sweet song sang by the little girl Charlie. She was mesmerized by her face. She was calm and lovable. They both Jane and Charlie become friends and talked for hours about seahorses, ponies. It was marvellous. 

Now, it was a time to go back to the real cruel World. She told Jane to take a helium balloon and fly up into the baby blue sky. 

Strangely, the time had not passed while she was away. 

When she had gone back to the world, she tried for months to go back but nothing mysterious event happened to her.

Parallel universe is a Natural Phenomena, the Parallel universe is not a materialistic thing.




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