Perfect selfies-Simple steps that will make you look 10x prettier

Perfect Selfies

Perfect Selfies are self-portrait photos taken from the front lens of your smartphone common among both genders. They are easy to capture and you can always see how you look in the front camera. Celebrities around the world post their selfies for their fans so does normal people for their friends and family. Special apps like snap chat were made for selfies and fun of this sort.

Perfect Selfies were introduced for loners. People like me who have no one to click their pictures and people who are socially awkward that’s me again. Camera nervousness is real. Selfies make you look exactly who you are when in your own company and you can pose differently and weirdly at the same time, with your favourite background on the back to just a plain wall. There is always a way to make things work well and it goes hand in hand with Perfect selfies too.


Selfies taken in proper light or in the sunshine makes you look glow and clear. The lens tends to work better in 10/10 light conditions. Set your angle in a way that sunshine falls on your whole face or a little part of it.

And If you want it to be a little more artistic, place the sun at your back and watch the results.

Sun selfie


Backgrounds are always important. People seriously judge you for having a messy background. Make sure when you get dressed and stand out to take a selfie your old clothes and makeup are not making a mess at the back.

I’ve seen a lot of mirror selfies with towels on the bed and a chair (we all have one) with dirty clothes on it and this kills your look plus the selfie you took. Tidy the room first, click a selfie second.

background selfie


Try different angles, people with chubby cheeks and perfect jawlines should go for side poses or tilted necks. Position your face in the corner of the selfie and tilt your neck a bit and it will make you look 10 x pretty. Even men rock this kind of selfies.

Introduce your hand:

Hiding your face not only increases the curiosity but also makes you look pretty. Adjust your face in a tilt, place your wide open chin and don’t forget to wear your favourite nail paint.

hand selfie

Forget the face:

Ditch your face, either hide it with a phone or crop it while clicking. Going a bit extra won’t hurt you trust me lol

forget your face

Jewellery and accessories:

Accessorize add up to your beauty. Try fake frames or pretty clips. Jewellery especially earrings and mid rings really help in making your face and hands pretty.

So now you have enough ways to make yourself cuter, prettier and of course Hotter. Follow these steps. Click selfies. Post them on social media and Let the likes begin!glasses selfie