Political Party is temporary,becoming MNA is Permanent

Pir Aslam Bodla

Pir Aslam Bodla 4th Consecutive General Election and most likely four different parties.

Pir Aslam Bodla a person who is Elected MNA from constituency NA 152 Mian Chanu district Khanewal. In 2002 election Pir Aslam Bodla contested the election on Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Ticket and elected as an MNA. He remains a part of PPP till the next general election and in 2008 General Election he left PPP and joined PML-Q and contested election from the same constituency and won with majority votes. In 2013 Election he wanted to join PTI but some sources confirmed that Shah Mehmood Qureshi (PTI Leader) refuse to take him because his nephew Pir Zahoor Hussain Qureshi (Ex-MPA) was PTI candidate from the same constituency.

So in 2013, he joined PML-N few weeks before the General Election and successfully he was able to get a ticket and elected as MNA. Now after more than four & half year has passed and 2018 general election is near one of PTI senior leader has confirmed that they are in touch with Pir Mian Aslam Bodla and hopefully he will join PTI this time.

If he joins PTI then the position of Pir Zahoor Hussain will be unclear as he wants to contest election from National Assembly seat but some sources confirming that he will contest election from provisional seat PP-208. At the same time a new addition Munir Ahmed Gujjar who claims to be the founding member of PTI from Mian Chanu. He got much fame in recent weeks as a candidate of PP-208.

In recent 6 months dynamic of district khanewal has completely changed. Hiraj Group joined PTI, Hamid yar hiraj Ex Nazim, Raza Haya Hiraj MNA, and now amir yar hiraj

Pir Aslam Bodla is ready for takeoff. This will be his fourth political party in his political Career. This time he is going to change his ideology and leader for the 4th time.