PTI Pakistan 100 days performance overview

PTI Pakistan
PTI Pakistan performance 100 days

PTI Pakistan popularity remains high, with the public optimistic and willing to give it a chance to perform. Much like the previous two democratically elected governments.

While PTI has performed better on certain indicators, it has also performed poorly on others. The First 100 Days, although the focus of much political rhetoric, is not a suitable time to critique any government’s performance. Arguably, it is PTI’s own claims that have brought into spotlight its own performance.

To start off our analysis, we compare the First 100 Days of the #PMLN  new #PTI government.

Key takeaways:

• PTI Pakistan has the backing of the Public and goodwill, which is also enabling tenure with of remittances leading to reductions in the currently elected governments.

• PTI Pakistan may have won, but delays in policy implementation, arbitrary changes and a trial-and-error approach, and unclear stance on IMF has left the Markets in confusion.

• While PML-N was up against a poorly performing PPP, PTI will be compared to a relatively better performing PML-N, which means the Public has higher expectations.

We held an Online Poll to test the Public sentiment in the aftermath of the First Days of the PTI Pakistan government. We received 500 responses.

Key takeaways of Economy 2018-19

• People consider Manifestoes as important influencers in their decision to vote.

• People feel 100 Days Agenda, if set, should be fulfilled, and, if not fulfilled, the Ruling Party should apologies.

• About 20 per cent People, however, also believe that once a Party has won the election it. Manifestoes or Promises are not important.

• But, surprisingly, contradicting their own responses, a majority said that they will still vote for PTI. Even if they are unable to fulfil their promises.

The results of the Poll point to the sharp partisanship that exists among the public on political lines. The Voters although showing rational choice in earlier responses but still concluding that their choice. It does not entirely depend on delivering on promises made before the elections.

PTI Pakistan
Overall 100 days performance of PTI Government

This may also reaffirm the “best of the worst” critique put forward before elections. As voters believe that PTI Pakistan remains the better option among Pakistan’s political parties.

The final metric to evaluate #PTI’s First 100 days is its progress in achieving the 35 Policy Actions it pledged as part of it 100 Days Agenda.

PTI Pakistan managed to complete 13 out of the 35 pledges, with the focus primarily on the thematic areas of Governance, Federation and Economy.

The linguistics used in the Agenda, however, have been subject to debate. The 100 Day Agenda document uses vocabulary like “champion,” “enhance,” ensure,” “transform,” and so on, which are all terms that make the pledges susceptible to be evaluated subjectively, rather than objectively by both the party and its opponents.

As pointed out previously, PTI’s progress or lack of has little or no in achieving its support base, which overwhelmingly continues to support it in opinion polls and elsewhere.

 The overall exercise of setting objectives for the First 100 days is a constructive and useful addition to Pakistan’s political culture. Where a growing Young demographic demands swift policy-making and accountability from elected leaders. How much they act on it remains to be seen.