PTM narrative and counter policy of the State


The final bullet against PTM?

Law enforcement agencies have used so many strategies and tactics against PTM earlier but this time they decide to play differently. After the official announcement of merging of FATA into KPK, the people of Waziristan will be able to be more into the mainstream as compared to the past.

Elections are to be held in FATA for its provincial seats and without peace in the region, this will be close to impossible for officials to arrange such an event. In recent years PTM has strongly emerged in that locality without getting any coverage from mainstream media. Their main source of communication and promotion of their agenda has been social media: through this medium, they have been organizing public gatherings all around Pakistan.

The overall narrative of PTM and Manzoor Pashteen is against state departments and stakeholders, they have put serious allegations against law enforcement agencies in recent past. Claiming that agencies did mass killings, discriminated them on the basis of their ethnic background, extrajudicial killings. They also accused agencies of spreading war and terror amongst the locals by performing fake encounters.

Government and security departments tried to tackle them earlier too but PTM’s agenda got popular amongst the masses, resulting in brainwashing them and their message spread rapidly around the globe. The Chief of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), Manzoor Pashteen gave interviews to International media and he’s also seen voicing his cause on Voice of America, BBC and Al-Jazeera.

Two members of Parliament, Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir have been raising their voices in support of this movement on a regular basis and now they got arrested while doing recent protest.

Twist came to the story when Prime minister Imran Khan visited a couple of times Waziristan in last month before Ramdan. Remember Imran Khan is one of the people who raised voice for the similar issues back in the early 2000s. He remained a part of the camp of the families of a missing person in Islamabad. Also, when PTM leader Manzoor Pashteen invited him during the protest for Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud he joined along with famous journalist Hamid Mir.

Now Imran Khan said that in the public gatherings in Waziristan that some people who are misguiding local people and doing politics on the name of ethnicity, doing propaganda against state departments, they are not doing anything worthy for the country but defaming it.

Imran Khan and PTI have huge support and fan following in Pashtoons and all around the KPK and FATA. He is the only leader who talked frequently about merging of FATA and KPK and visiting that area. Many people who are supporting PTM agenda are the die heart supporters of Imran Khan too. But now when he is Prime minister and he has the power he came himself to the front against those people who were talking against state departments.

KPK Chief Minister Mahmood Khan said in public gathering that he himself belongs to a tribal area and right now no one can protect rights of Pashtoons better than his government as Prime minister of the country is Pathan, Chief Minister of KPK is Pathan, and seven serving federal ministers are Pathan. So, he says that we are the one who can protect the rights of Pastoons. PTM is just playing Pashtoon card to gain popularity.

So, is military and government on the policy of “if you cannot convenience them just confuse them”: Because they are playing the same card which is used by PTM and it is effecting PTM. It has observed that the PTM narrative got affected after the intervention of Imran Khan. Government is calling them and inviting them for table talk, on the other hand, they are playing on the ground as well.

Government has not denied their demands openly but twisted them for people who are supporting them. People who have some sort of soft corner for PTM needs to rethink as to which side to choose.

In press conference from DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor, he pointed out the contradiction that PTM protested against Rao Anwar but the same party who is supporting PTM also supported Rao Anwar and called him as their son. He also stated the same thing which was said earlier by PM Imran Khan and CM KPK that Pashtoons are on the mainstream in this government, how they can say that they are discriminated as a whole community.

PPPP senator and former spokesperson of Ex-president Asif Ali Zardari and Farhat Ullah Babar participated in the public gatherings of PTM and supported them openly. He is the same person who played a part on the back screen when a couple of activist from Lahore arrested for participating in a protest against the killing of #ArmanLuni of PTM. FIR was launched against them and police claimed that they are PTM leaders and were enchanting slogans against state departments. Later they were released.

Linking PPP with PTM! Imran Khan playing on the front foot on their home ground! CM KPK using same Pashtoon card in another way! DG ISPR warning! “Do not cross the line”

Is this the only way left to dysfunction and making PTM less effective? Maybe Yes!


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