Raheela Zarmeen is a young Pakistani footballer

Raheela Zarmeen

Raheela Zarmeen is a Pakistani footballer from Balochistan. She is the football manager of the Pakistan women’s national football team and Balochistan United FC. She has also become the first woman to coach a professional men’s football team. That’s quite an achievement!

Raheela Zarmeen and her two sisters grew up playing football in a small in town Balochistan. They played football on a hockey field at Quetta’s Girls College as there were no women’s football fields in Quetta. While Raheela was inspired by her parents, especially her mother, Senator Rubina Irfan. Rubina was the president of the Baluchistan women’s football team. Raheela Zarmeen was also inspired by David Beckham and his football skills, growing up. Because Raheela grew up playing football with her sisters, they encouraged and inspired her as well.

Unfortunately, Raheela lost her sister, Shahlyla Baloch in a car accident in late 2016. This tragic moment in Raheela’s life only inspired her to continue working hard and honor Shahlyla’s success as the youngest declared player by FIFA. Even though Raheela experienced criticisms because of her family connections. It is her struggle and passion for football that made her a household name in Pakistan and even internationally.

She continues to pursue different qualifications and better her skill. Raheela has obtained the master’s degree of FIFA, coaches a men’s team named K-Electric F.C, and is a brand ambassador for Leisure League. Raheela will continue to tackle any obstacles in her way and achieve her dreams through her persistence.