Salman Khan, Love child of controversies & unlawful practices

Salman khan

While everyone was secretly talking about the monster inside them, our favorite superstar’s dark side is out in the bright light of the world.

The relations of Salman Khan and gory controversies go hand in hand as if both can’t be ever kept apart.

Recently Salman Khan was acquitted by the Jodhpur Court in the 1998 Arms Act case in which he was accused of possessing arms with an expired license.

Who thought that the adorable “Prem” would go out shooting two protected animals (blackbucks) in 1998 while filming for the all-time blockbuster “Hum Sath Sath Hain”.

Although Salman Khan and his friends did not see it coming, the Bishnoi Community slammed on their peaceful lives with a court case. Salman Khan was found guilty and the superstar had to see the confines of a prison cell for a matter of time.

After a while when the fire seemed to subside and it finally looked like things will go back to normal for Salman, our dear star got drunk on a 2002 night and ran his massive car over 5 pavements dwellers in which 4 were seriously injured and one poor bastard ended up dead.

This incident took place on the streets of Bandra where another superstar Mr. Shahrukh Khan lives, well that is a story for another paragraph.

Coming back to this hit and run case where the kind Radhe from ‘Tere Naam’ didn’t even stop to provide aid instead left the crime scene without even turning back. Although somehow they managed to prove that it wasn’t him who was driving Salman Khan’s car and In December 2015, the Bombay High Court acquitted Salman Khan of all criminal charges in a hit-and-run case, just months after he’d been found guilty by a trial court. But even today, the dreadful scene of September 28th, 2002 would still haunt him.

Salman Khan is perceived as a very kind-hearted and a good person but the women in his life would beg to differ.

Both Katrina Kaif and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have had their fair share of the superstar and have not been speaking any kind words about him. This brings us to 2003 around when a lot of emotional drama stuff happened between Salman and Aish. Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai’s alleged relationship was quite turbulent. According to reports, the actor had kept banging the door of Aishwarya’s house one night in November 2001. The drama reportedly continued till 3 am, until the actress relented and let him in. Salman was also accused of creating a ruckus when his relationship with Aishwarya went sour. Vivek Oberoi tried to be her protector but we all knew that he didn’t stand a chance in front of Salman.

Vivek did a press conference where he talked about how Salman has been harassing him and Aish. He went to further say that Salman has been bullying him.

In response to this Salman allegedly destroyed Vivek’s rising career forever.

Till today when Vivek Oberoi regrets that as he had not seen an inch of success after 2003.

Salman Khan After that thing did cool down for a few years but no one knew that a small tide had been hurdling and now had taken the form of a controversial tsunami.

In 2008, on Salman’s then girlfriend Katrina Kaif’s birthday, he has a tussle with Shahrukh Khan when he commented on his career graph. This led to a chain of controversies which was much talked about in the industry. It was only later after 2016 that both came on proper talking terms. The cold war of sorts thawed since and today it seems like a thing of the past.

After a few months, Sultan was all set to hit the arena when at an interview the tables turned. When he was asked about his wrenching gym and shooting schedule he made a pathetic remark by saying that “he feels like a raped woman!” After this statement, women’s rights activist and other feminists along with the entire nation stood up on his throat until he made several apologies.

All this in a nutshell, along with few other small controversies like the Arijit Singh controversy Shahrukh Khan may be the king of Bollywood but Salman is the king of controversies.

Despite all these messy situations, Salman’s fan following still remains to grow and his content-less films still remain to make crores in the box office.

With numerous charity works, a number of checks going out to help people every day and the continuous good work of “Being Human” Salman tries his best to seem like a good guy. Even in all his films, he is portrayed as a flawless guy.

Everything aside, nothing seems to harm him and his stardom and he always makes it out with his extreme power and wealth. Until his next big controversies, all the readers have to do is to dwell upon the past ones simultaneously dancing with Salman on item numbers of his films.