Samsung flipping over with latest Technology


Imagine waking up and suddenly realizing that your country has changed the default driving side.

The entire nation would go into an absolute chaos. Something similar happened to Samsung users. According to reports, the new smart-phones by tech giant Samsung will now have their finger-print scanners on the hind side of the cell near the camera.

The fingerprint scanner is one of the most necessary tools in a smart-phone especially when it comes to the ones whose Operating System runs on Android.

With the onset of technical advancements and the information technology arena getting filled with many powerful fighters, all the big companies are continuously evolving to stay in the fight of ruling the market.

Over the years we have seen Samsung bringing some noticeable changes, from improved camera to iris-scanners Samsung has come a long way but this is a huge leap.

Though according to technical scientists, the new fingerprint scanner isn’t much reliable in terms of security the users tend to differ.

As the fingerprint scanner in the new Samsung smart-phones is way more convenient and easy to operate than the iris scanner and the poor facial recognition which never fails to “FAIL” in low light.

Some users stated that they accidentally touched the camera, again and again, trying to unlock their cute over expensive tech gadget. For years now the smart phone market has been very user-driven. Though the situation calls for it, we have seen companies delivering their best possible services according to user needs and demands even though charging recklessly. A fingerprint sensor is an electronic device used to capture the digital image of the fingerprint pattern of a person.

Although there are no such boundaries that only humans can use it!

But so far only we socially living mammals have been enjoying the perks of fingerprint technology to which smart phone companies are catering with all their potential.

The new fingerprint scanner has obviously created a chaos in the market but it is yet to be seen that how long it takes for the fig technological outbreak to hit the market. It would not be long when some other company will come knocking at your door with something more shiny and spectacular.

Until that day enjoy all the technological power you have now and keep dreaming as there are no boundaries of what technology can make possible in today’s time.