Samsung S10 The future is already here and evenly distributed

Samsung S10

Since Samsung Galaxy is launching a Samsung S10 on February 20 followed by Samsung Note 10 on 26 February, android users all around the globe have their eyes on this very smartphone which is quite smart compared to the previous models released. Technology modifies like windstorm yet keeping the best features at hand and looking forward to consumer’s need and fulfilling is still a challenge. Here are some of the unique features we have found in this very model.

Samsung s10 specs


Providing a display screen of 6.1” is a sight for sore eyes I must say, as it has an end to end infinity display that makes it more of a screen only phone with a very sleek design.


Samsung S10 is coming with an internal memory of 128 GB and 4GB RAM aiding all our mobile apps and games.

Android System:

This new Samsung S10 phone comes with an Android OS 9, pie, released last year in March and it has one processor and up to 8 cores.

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The new Samsung galaxy S10 will have a fingerprint scanner, a compass, barometer, heartrate sensor, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, spO2  sensors.


Camera and processors are the only feature that I consider while buying a new phone and this new Samsung Galaxy product is coming with triple lens each one with a different focal length for better focus and zoom in pictures. Samsung has always been famous for its lens and displays quality.


Battery Life:

Despite all the best features, battery timing is a bit low as compared to other android phones launched during the year. Since everyone is on the phone all the time an extended battery is all we need. With 3500mAh this seems a bit challenging.


Till now, the back colour for this model is said to be black only, so for all the people out there who want to add colours to their back body need to buy different back covers.