Saudi Crown Prince in Pakistan for mutual investment

Saudi Crown Prince

Pakistan economy has shown major signs of improvements and with more foreign investments pouring in. Pakistan is now an emerging economy of the region. Historical deals will be signed with Saudi Arabia during the visit of Saudi Crown Prince.

According to some of the reports. Pakistan was rescheduling the flights, blocking-off luxury hotels, and some sources saying that collecting 3,500 pigeons and colourful balloons to release. It will be during a welcome ceremony for the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“Pakistan welcomes His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Muhammed Bin Salman to Pakistan,” said
Prime Minister’s Office, Pakistan‏ 

In Ease of Doing Business, Prime Minister Imran Khan has set a target of a ranking in the top 100 in the next year or two. Coupled with the revival of the economy, Pakistan is the ideal investment destination.

Saudi Arabia is reportedly preparing to sign a record investment package with Pakistan. Including a $10 billion refinery and oil complex for the strategic Gwadar Port on the Arabian Sea.

Hamza Ali Abbasi reaction

Saudi Crown Prince in Pakistan Pak Hater Fake Liberal/Intellectual: We shud put aside what Israel/Ind does in Palestine/Kashmir, boost trade with them. Also Pak Hater Fake Liberal/Intellectual: Makes Khashoggi’s picture twitter profile picture when MBS coming to Pak to invest billions.


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