Blank Sheikh Rasheed and indecisive Chaudhary Nisar

Blank Sheikh Rasheed and indecisive Chaudhary Nisar

Pakistan has long been a country where incompetent people are supported by strings attached to GHQ and GHQ keeps on maneuvering them the way they want to. These puppets who appear to be very smart and intellectual fail miserably on their own. One of the biggest examples is Sheikh Rasheed, the guy who is known as the seer in Pakistan media was once a blue-eyed minister in PMLN and PMLQ government. The only reason was he used to get feeder by someone in boots. He used to come to the stage and speak them with confidence and people starting thinking he is the highest IQ person in whole media. The only thing he is good at is “Charb zabani” the fluency in making a claim without reason and argument. He was considered the smartest guy but in 2013 election this guy had to beg for support from the third umpire dependent party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

Sheikh Rasheed in his ego to stay relevant formed his own party and contested election with the help of alliance with PTI. It is confirmed from various sources that when he was sidelined by Mian Nawaz Shareef the De facto corrupt prime minister of Pakistan, he still kept his hope to join PMLN as all another decedent from PMLQ. He even offered PMLN to form join Muslim league alliance against Zardari, but that also didn’t work so he went to form the alliance with Imran Khan. His love for Nawaz turned into a hate and grudge. He kept on spitting venom on him and his party members for next 5 years. Former railway and information minister acting like the child full of hate were true depictions that if you don’t have your own vision, you can’t survive. The military stopped feeding him and he was on his own, on his own he looked an idiot and funny with some serious high voiced talks of no impact.

One of the things attached with Pakistani establishment is that they follow patterns, same patterns over and over again. This time they replaced the name of Sheikh Rasheed with Chaudhary Nisar. Chaudhary Nisar who was once a bridge between parliament and GHQ was doing the same thing Sheikh Rasheed used to do. Now GHQ is looking for some new internee and Nisar is looking as dumb as Sheikh Rasheed before 2013 elections. He is giving those statements like it is not the time to make the statement, I have so many things to say, I will say those things once I have time. The sheer truth behind this whole fiasco is that he has nothing to say. His strings are not active as was the case with Sheikh Rasheed in 2013.

All those people who are thinking that Nisar will do any damage to PMLN, I am damn sure his damage will be the same story like Sheikh Rasheed. High note words with dense Urdu vocabulary, but nothing else. He will also keep his composure like Sheikh Rasheed and will not join PTI but will make alliance as independent group or party.

This whole scenario depicts the dilemma Pakistan is facing. Establishment helps the politicians to come into power, helps them getting ministries and perks but why don’t they groom them like their own officer? If you talk to a brigadier of Pakistan army he speaks with more maturity and composure as compared to these politicians. Nawaz Shareef, the three-time prime minister is too dumb to handle. So the question remains, will establishment pick up a smart internee this time or he will be dumb as previous ones. Will they groom him, to be better on his own or he will be like Sheikh Rasheed or Ch Nisar.


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