Skillful Learning should be an essential part of Education

skillful learning

Apart from unstable economic conditions

lack of skillful learning is one of the major causes. A child’s educational base is firmed at a very young age, most likely his early years of schooling. This is the best time for children to polish their hidden talents and skills. But Alas! Our education system does not support any skillful learning, rather than, they focus on cramming their course text books. This not only suppresses a child’s talent but also makes him hate education, that is why a lot of children runaway from primary schools. The education system needs to take a look at their curriculum and make sure activity-based learning along with skillful learning is introduced.

A child who is blessed with a talent naturally just need a few hours of hard work to turn a diamond from a rough into a masterpiece! But for that, we need to revise our education system from the base grounds. Special classes should be arranged for students who show interest in extra co-curricular activities. Skills like performing arts, music, sports, painting, recycling, stitching, knitting, and pottery should be included.

Schools should organize exhibitions to depict their talent and promote the crafts. This will generate revenue and will let students gain confidence in them and realize the worth of their talent. Not every student is born to be good at studies, some are born to be artists and parents as well as teachers need to understand this and creativity needs freedom! Let your child choose what are going to be his skills when he grows up along with education so that we can give better generation and grow a sustainable country where every person has at least one skill to make his living! Skills never get old or out of fashion, they always remain useful.

Written by: J Minahil





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