Social Media or a Tool of Criticism?

Social Media

We’re living our lives under the umbrella of Social Media. More social sites and lesser social life. But on the other hand, social media has provided us with a platform to raise our voice, let the world know our views on certain aspects, tell our friends where we have been all our summers, what am I eating, where do I sleep and ask my followers why isn’t a fly without wings called a walk?

But apart from all these activities, one finds social media to be the perfect media for criticism with celebrities and famous people on a stake! We have seen how badly our favourite personalities Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson and Beyoncé have been criticized by their fans and haters because of their curvy bodies. Moreover, haters all over the world find a number of reasons sometimes really absurd just to criticize celebrities and others in limelight. The Catapult of criticism is not just pointed towards celebrities but also towards Politicians, peacemakers, revolutionists, religious scholars, our teachers, fellow students and other social apps (snapchat on top these days for its new update)

Apart from celebrities… colleagues, friends and others Donald J. Trump (President of United States) is a hot cake on Twitter when it comes to criticism. Social media seems less of a social site and more as a criticism site, because of its accessibility and most of the users get off their frustration and stress by criticizing others. Others do it for fun, but users have to keep this thing in mind that the fact that criticism improves one’s abilities has faded long away.

All those people (celebrities especially) who do not respond to what you say about them definitely give you a message that they are not interested in what you say however you keep up the verbal criticism because you never know which talent of yours takes you places!


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