Sonam Kapoor daughter of legend Anil Wedding updates

Sonam Kapoor Wedding updates
Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor, daughter of superstar and legend Anil Kapoor is all set to tie a permanent knot on her relationship status. She is getting married to a businessman named Anand Ahuja. Both really seem to be head over heels in love with each other and they surely are an ideal couple.

There are rumors that they are planning a destination wedding in Geneva, Switzerland for a while now.

Well, nothing is impossible for the world’s one percent wealthiest people. Even if it means a destination wedding full of awesomeness with the destination itself being the classic Indian honeymoon spot for people.

There is a going on the buzz in the industry that entirely runs on gossips that the wedding is supposed to happen in the first week of March. But before the big final day, there are a number of other ceremonies which would be enjoyed and talked about for quite some time.

The alleged couple Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja are all set to walk down the aisle of love soon and till then the preparations are carried on in full throttle. The friend of Anil Kapoor and family, Farah Khan has been given the responsibility of choreographing the sangeet ceremony to be held before the wedding.

According to some, the couple: Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor will throw some steps on the floor on the beats of Sonam Kapoor’s best songs till now. Well, there are not many of those in the market, we have a few in mind which would do. Furthermore, we would see the bride’s father, Anil Kapoor would also be seen moving his legs in happiness. Although some say that the wedding is on 29th April 2018 and not in may sometime. But what matters the most is that if everyone is happy?

There are a lot of complex and weird things in the world but ‘LOVE’ is the center of it all. The game of hearts is a dangerous but pleasurable game that is the solemn reason for the story of ‘Boy meets girl’ become all-time most read genre.

The actress who has starred in some hit and award-winning movies with even an appearance in a ‘cold play’ video, is marrying a simple businessman! Doesn’t it feel too pretentious? Another beautiful and elegant actress marrying some rich guy is a tale sung a lot in Bollywood homes.

We have seen numerous such actresses tie knots to hefty businessmen with lots of cash in their pockets. Though there is nothing wrong with marrying someone with a higher economic status, it does break the fans’ hearts to know that their beloved star has done so for money.

But in this very case, the couple would absolutely beg to differ. They are completely ready to let go of everything except each other’s love and caring support. There were rumors that Sonam Kapoor would leave acting after getting married. But we can take proper breaths as they were only rumors and not a bit of a sentence was proper in them.

After getting married, a very rare number of actresses have seen their carer graphs go up. In most of the cases, the woman lets go of their careers for the sake of family and the need to be with them. Though we have no such hopes with Sonam! Fans somehow believe in her immensely and know that she would be the caring and loving one after marrying but also keep her career in peaks.

On the big Bollywood wedding party, a number of celebrities would show up to give her their blessings. Let us all hope that unlike all marriages, this boy meets girl story would become true after reaching the end of the road.

Now that we have read, seen and talked so much about the relation between two beautiful and happy people, let us pray for their best future and wish for the “happily ever after.” In a macro level thing like these even do not make a point as we are all animals a scavenging upon some dead animals or killing one of their favorite animals.

Love knows no boundaries and so does not like to stay as a second priority So at the wedding when the Kapoor family would show up that are also spending money like you spend time! Although this has been a lovely thought. That our beloved is someone’s not!

Fans all over the world are going crazy and sending love throughout.
Sonam has been really proud and thankful to her fans and lovers who send this tremendous support to her.
The lovebirds will chirp songs of love forever and will be a benchmark of love for future love movies!
Life is short, we live once and Sonam of all has surely seen some sense in the thought and is now out on a very spiritual journey just in a different manner.