State of the Union fact check Donald Trump plans to proceed

State of the Union fact check

State of the Union fact check

President Trump told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a new letter Wednesday that he still plans to deliver next week. Scheduled State of the Union address from the House floor even though Pelosi urged him to delay the speech. Because of the government shutdown. State of the Union fact check is the most important and its part of the old custom.

The State of the Union Address is Associate in the Nursing annual message given by the President of us to a joint session of us Congress. This must be at the start of every civil year in the workplace. The message usually includes a budget message Associate in Nursing an economic report of the state. Additionally permits the President to propose a legislative agenda and national priorities.

When is the 2019 State of the Union address?

Donald Trump’s second address is scheduled for Jan, 29th in the House of Representatives. Where he had planned to lay out his agenda for his third year in the office as US President.

The president, in his letter, said there are “no security concerns” surrounding the event, in response to Pelosi raising that as a potential issue because of the partial shutdown.

Whether the speech takes place in the House chamber remains Pelosi ’s call. The House and Senate still must approve a concurrent resolution approving the use of the chamber for the State of the Union.

President Donald Trump insisted in a letter Wednesday. He would deliver his annual State of the Union address from the chamber of the US House next week as planned. Telling to the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi her concerns about security during a partial government shutdown were unfounded. Trump’s letter, written with his characteristic flourish, sets up a potential showdown with the Democratic speaker, who controls the chamber’s proceedings and must allow for a vote on his speech.

“I will be honouring your invitation, and fulfilling my constitutional duty, to deliver important information to the people and Congress of the United States of America regarding the State of our Union,” Trump wrote in his letter.

He further showed his concern and said “It would be so very sad for our beloved country. If the State of the Union were not delivered on time, on the schedule, and most importantly, on the exact location!” he wrote in his letter.