CPA appreciated Taimur Rahman efforts for Minority rights

Taimur Rahman

A hero of the working class, In solidarity with Comrade Taimur Rahman

Dr Taimur Rahman is a senior professor and educating young generation through vlogs. An activist who always raised voice for the poor people and minorities of Pakistan. Recently he visited Rabwah along with his students, It was like a field trip. After that visit, people appreciated his efforts but religious extremist of the country showed an extreme reaction against him and started threatening him. Later Taimur Rahman clarified his position and released a video about the trip. (Why we went to Rabwah)

Pakistan has been troubled by religious fanaticism for a lengthy historical period. This menace continues to threaten and silence voices of reason, of enlightenment, and voices of left-wing politics. Recently, this right-wing mob has targeted Dr Taimur Rahman with a dangerous hate campaign.

Comrade Taimur is the General Secretary of the Mazdoor Kisaan Party (workers and peasants party) in Pakistan. He is a professor of political science in LUMS university in the Pakistani city of Lahore. Recently when he went on a field trip with his students, he visited Rabwah, hometown to Pakistan’s highly persecuted religious minority group of Ahmadi Muslims. This has somehow not only come to the attention of right-wing fascist groups but is also being used by them to spread vile hatred against comrade Taimur.

Right-wing publications have printed articles amounting to dangerous hate speech and another extreme right-wing individual, already known for inciting people to murder, has targeted him in his speeches, and right-wing trolls on social media are trying to intimidate and threaten him.

It is important to mention that Comrade Taimur has been active in Pakistan’s communist movement for over two decades. He has authored a book on the class structure of Pakistan. He is also the lead singer of the band Laal (Urdu for “red”) which has taken music and revolutionary poetry to hundreds of schools and colleges across Pakistan and continues to do so. Moreover, his pedagogy is not restricted to his university classes but he has also produced a series of lectures on the history of philosophy for Pakistan’s national television broadcaster, watched and enjoyed by millions. He is truly a hero for the working class of Pakistan.

We admire his courage and dedication to build a progressive society in these dangerous times and wish to express our complete solidarity with him.
Bob Briton, CPA General Secretary