What are some unspoken teen rules they follow?

teen rules

Unspoken teen rules:

There is no such thing as “my pack of chips” in teen rules. If you have chips and someone asks for a piece, you must give them. Unless they ask every single day. After some point, you tell them to go fuck themselves and buy their own pack of chips. (This doesn’t apply to good friends)

  • If the teacher is not looking, you let your classmate copy off of you. If they have reached the point of being forced to copy, I promise nothing will change or affect their lives if they copy. If they are good students and they just didn’t have the time or they weren’t in the mood to study for once and you let them the copy, they will return the favour. And if they are the type of student that never studies, they’re gonna mess up in their final exams anyway, so a few good grades throughout the year won’t affect them in any way. Just let it slide.
  • Curious about drugs all the time.
  • If someone hasn’t done the homework, you give it to them. But after 3-4 times they either must stop asking for it or return the favour. Oh, and never make it obvious that you copied from someone. They’ll get in trouble for something that is your fault.
  • One of the most practising teen rules If someone doesn’t have enough money to buy something and needs a dollar or two, you must give it to them. And don’t expect it back, unless they say they will return it.
  • For girls: If your friend has stained her pants with period blood you must tell her immediately. In case they don’t have something to cover it and you have a long sleeved sweater, hoodie etc. you must give it to her to tie it around her waist.
  • If the teacher doesn’t assign any homework, shut your fucking mouth.
  • If your teacher starts talking about something completely irrelevant to the lesson, ask more questions concerning that topic.