These 6 rules of IPL 2018 must be unheard to you!


From very beginning of the Indian Premier League we have noticed that BCCI brings something interesting to us every year. The 11th season of IPL starts from 7th April and this year too we have some new updates. But, this time the updates are much bigger than we had expected. Rajiv Shukla played an awesome innings in framing such guidelines.

Well, we all had the idea about the return of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals back to the game. Then we got these updates from the official IPL site.

Most of the updates done are inspired from foreign cricket and football leagues which adds up a great spice to season. So all our football fans out there interesting for you too.

It rather changes the season from the other seasons taken place till now

So, let’s have a look at all the exciting rules.

1) Introduction of Cards

So, the first shot goes in favor of game spirit. We have been seeing small arguments and disputes from the beginning of IPL. Even sometimes umpires are involved in this and they can’t do anything. Now the game changes here and BCCI introduces cards.

Now umpires can take actions against any kind of misbehave on the field. This can be exit of the player from the match or even it can cause problems for the further matches.

So, players with short temper will need to have a bit of control on themselves now.

However it will be interesting to see The Fair Play Table along with this rule implemented in IPL.

2) Dual Jersey

In 2016 the ethics of Dual Jersey was first adopted by Royal Challengers Bangalore. In 2018 each team can follow up the rule and BCCI has already sent the proposals from the team.

So, let’s have an overlook at what is the rule all about?

A team plays 7 matches in their Hometown and & matches among the other cities. So the jersey used during the matches in home town can be different from the jersey used in the matches played in the other cities. The difference may be in the texture, color or design of the Jersey.

RCB as usual will be doing this but it will be great to see other teams who add up to the list.

3) MID Season Transfer

Rajiv Shukla hitting the ball out of the boundary line confirms that this year players can be transferred from a team to another in between the ongoing season. Yes guys this is a great update .

However the rule implies only after the 25 matches for the foreign players who have played less than 2 matches and then they can be traded if both the team agrees to it.

And yes this rule too has been adopted from Football.

4) Match Timings

You must have already noticed this thing in the TV ads of the upcoming match. So here’s another cut from the officials the matches which were played earlier at 4 p.m. will be shifted to 5:30 and similarly the matches played at 8 p.m. will now be at 7. It clearly indicates that the matches will overlap each other and will be broadcasted on 2 different channels.

However some franchises have problem from this as their viewership may be affected. So let’s hold back and see how BCCI deals with the situation.

5) Intro of VR (Virtual Reality)

Now this shot of the officials is surely going to land out of the fence . To spread its wings to a wider range of people VR technology is introduced this season. Now, if you can’t go to a stadium to watch a match. Not an issue, open your hot star app and put your VR gears on for awesome watching experience.

Fan Parks were introduced last year but this is really a next level step.

6) DRS

No! No! It’s not Dhoni Review System. It’s the DRS which we see in other T20 leagues. So, if captain and Batsman are not satisfied with the umpire’s decisions, no issue, it will be rechecked .As it was instructed by ICC that use of DRS is leagues is necessary. So, it was important for officials to bring this out. Still BCCI is against the HOTSPOT technique used in DRS. But all other rules will be followed. If we talk about the reviews each team will have a single review in an innings that makes up total 2 reviews for a team in a game.

So, these were the few updates brought to you by us. The  11th season of Indian Premier League will be really interesting with such new rules and regulations  especially with the motto “sher against sher “ it adds up to the glory of the league and proves it to be the best among the past played seasons .

We will be updating you with some spicy stuffs from the season. Till then guys stay tuned with us and make sure to leave your comments about your favorite team, some views on these rules or any such stuffs.

Have a great time ahead with TV and popcorn.


Written by: Rahul Raj