We are nothing but a momentary speck in this huge universe


Universe law

Each day physicists and scientists come up with newer technologies, better updates and ground-breaking facts and theories in front of the inhabitants of the Solar System’s fifth largest planet i.e. Earth. Since, The Creator of this whole Universe which we have not seen and can’t even imagine has hidden numerous signs for the ones who seek. And those who are seeking the knowledge and figuring out the truth have provided us with breath-taking certitude.

Sun despite being the largest star known in the solar system is nowhere near to Sirius A, Arcturus, Betelgeuse and VY Canis Majoris which is 5 billion times the size of the Sun and then there exists another star UY Scuti with unknown mass and it seems to be the largest discovered so far. Since we are aware of the only solar system we live in, Astronauts are of the view that there are five hundred solar systems, bigger, smaller, hotter and may sustain life as well in Milky Way Galaxy. Our brains can never imagine or have a rough idea of what actually this milky way is. and 2.5 million light years away, a galaxy is discovered which is named as Andromeda Galaxy.

According to HDF, hundreds of galaxies are seen with the help of Hubble telescope and 5 billion light years away from the Sun is the cosmic web. Cosmic web is believed to be a network filament of dark matter (an un-discovered subatomic particulate matter, some scientists also use this term hypothetically) which hold the all the galaxies and the solar systems inside the galaxies.

Now, if we close our eyes and imagine how large is this solar system and the cluster of solar systems inside this “little”. Milky Way Galaxy and how far are we from colliding with the Andromeda Galaxy and how magically the dark matter has been holding on to all the galaxies by gravitational force. Cosmic magnetic field for about 13. 8 billion years the question is “Who are we in this HUGE universe?”