US, Iran and Israel one story and the Rest of the world

Us, Iran, Israel and rest of the world

US President Trump’ s walking out of the Iran nuclear deal will have bad impacts in middle East but worse on the repute of United States the US. On one side the US won the hearts of people by helping North Korea and South Korea meet hands and the lead world towards the peace but this action will have its percussion’s.
But the question I will try to pose and answer here is why sudden policy shift by uncle Sam.

Persians are one of the oldest civilization on the planet of earth and their history is full of their expeditions against supreme powers and being supreme power itself. It’s a common saying that once you get addicted to something, it’s hard to let it go. Same is the case with Iran and they keep on taking calculated risks.

A few weeks back they did the same thing, just to ditch uncle Sam by changing the official currency of trade from US Dollar to Euro. Now as a superpower you are supposed to reply in a way world remembers your might. The world knows Qadhafi and Saddam tried to replace their currency and rest is history.

So the next question is will it be the same as Iraq and Libya. So the answer is clearly no. Iran has constantly threatened to attack Israel if someone attacks their land and their attack on Israel on 9th May from Syrian land showed their intent in any case. The happiest country in this scenario will be Saudi Arabia, who can’t bear Iran on any forum. But in the Islamic world, Turkey and Pakistan always step in to stop the escalation between two countries.

In case of Iran Pakistan the only non-NATO ally of US, India the regional power, China the economic superpower and Russia will all oppose the war against Iran and it will be difficult to go on some adventure this time.

When it’s so obvious that there won’t be any war, but maybe some surgical strikes on some places, where did Trump went wrong? If Iran is changing its official currency that means no business with the US. If No business with the US than what’s the purpose of putting sanctions on it. Iranians had already taken the lead, so what’s the purpose of beating the Bush.

In my opinion, it was a blunt move by President Trump and he can think over it again as being president of Superpower you can always accept your mistake and nullify it before it’s too late. That’s how you earn respect from the public, leaders, opposition and grow in the world.

Already being stopped to visit UK, US people need to think who is representing them on a worldwide scale as Americans are great people but this act doesn’t appear to be great.



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