Uzma case:A 16-year old girl who died after Extreme Torture

uzma case
16 year old girl killed in lahore

Uzma case a girl who was just 16 years old working as a maid is brutally murdered and dumped into nearby by the drain. The nation has taken on to social media and demanding justice.

A woman and her daughter has been arrested for murdering their 16 year old domestic worker over a petty issue.

According to police report Uzma was murdered on January 18 and her body was dumped in a nearby drain in Iqbal Town Lahore.

The two evil women who killed Uzma are now in Police custody. They use to force Uzma to sleep in the washroom. Uzma was killed for doing the heinous crime of stealing a bite from this lady’s daughter’s plate.

They had beaten her badly. She got internal bleeding in her skull. Despite this fact, again they locked her in the washroom for hours and later dumped her body in the gutter.

The 16-year-old is the unfortunate reality of Pakistan’s domestic environment where morality and humanity don’t even exist a bit.

We need to modify our curriculum at earliest from grass root level unless this society will turn into villainous shameless human-like barbarians. The government should take serious measures to ensure justice for the domestic workers in Pakistan.

Amber Shamsi comments on Uzma Murder case

The host of currentaffair programme Sawaal comments on how cases of violence against domestic workers are usually ignored and mainly only highlighted on social media.

She said it is common to find minors employed in Pakistani households as domestic workers. They are often scolded on tiny issues and beaten up, said Shamsi.

“You will find children picking up your child’s school bag and carrying it till the car,” she said, adding that these children are deprived of education.

Shamsi questions the rampant rise in child labour across the country and asks the public to consider where they are going wrong on an individual level.

“These children also have the same innocent wishes as your own children,” she tells parents.