Virtual Emotions ; Killing Real life emotions

Virtual Emotions

Virtual Emotions back in the time when we were so excited to sign up for our first Microsoft account and see who’s online on Messenger to sending a “laughing hard” emoji while crying, we mastered the art of using EMOJIS.

We came across nicer apps with loads of emojis. Oh! How eager was I to update my Whats App and send the latest emoji to a loved one? It was quite difficult to choose out of a few of them. But we all managed it anyway. Next update brought more emojis and our feelings were expressed in a better way.

Socializing apps continued to add more and more emojis, helping us in refining our communication, expressing our feelings on the internet. All these Apps and hundreds of emotions helping us in a world of fast texting but we murdered our real-life emotions.

We have actually incarcerated our-selves in this world of emojis where we cannot cross the chasm between what to say and what to do. In real-life events we are often unable to express our feelings, we lack the confidence to console someone. Even on socializing Apps, we send a sad face and we come under the banner of those who have sympathies for the grieved. Just give it a moment of thought… Are we actually sad? Do I feel the pain that they’re going through? NO! Because I’m talking to multiple people right now and I have so many emotions at once. I’m sending happy faces to a colleague, cracking jokes with my best friend, sending kisses to Bae, and talking to a grieved person.

I just sent a hug emotion to a friend. But it was just an emoji with no warmness of her hands around me. Where are we all headed? What are we doing to our real-life emotions? Spending hours on our cell phones, chatting and sending emojis but avoiding gatherings just not to feel the warmth of relations? Texting long messages telling your partner how much you love them but avoiding meet up’s because you were faking it out?

I miss the time when there were actual emotions. People used to laugh hard at my jokes in person. Sent me food in real. Walk me to my home with hands in their pockets. Come over to my house on my birthdays. See me often because they had to express their emotions. They had feelings to share. Virtual Emotions are killing our real life emotions.

Written By: J Minahil