WhatsApp group new policy “Be aware WhatsApp users”

WhatsApp Group update

Soon, you cannot be added to WhatsApp Group without your permission.

WhatsApp group is working on a new feature which will give users more control over groups on the app. This feature is currently being tested on the iOS beta version of WhatsApp.

As the days passing these apps are coming with new improved features day by day. Like previously we saw Twitter gave the option of Message/Inbox. Facebook allowed putting stories like Instagram. Recently Instagram deleted all the inactive users. Snap chat came up with new emojis and most importantly WhatsApp always come up with something extra.

WhatsApp gave a very tough time to his competitors in the past few years. Especially Viber and Skype. WhatsApp came up with call feature then later they came up with a new update in which you can put stories in the form of images and videos. Recently they allowed a conference video call. Whatsapp alone has more than 1 billion users all around the world.

WhatsApp Group New Policy

The WhatsApp Groups were introduced to interact with other fellows, family members or colleagues. But many people used to complain about the group they were forcefully added to. People unnecessarily add other people and start spamming so because of this issue WhatsApp is launching his new policy that no one will be allowed to add someone in the group without permission.

The Digital world is getting more reliable day by day and thing moving towards it. Nowadays Social media is the main source of information and knowledge. All the big companies are concerned about their privacy issues and coming up with new features every day to compete for the digital world.

The youngster is very excited and happy after this news that they would be not able to add in boring family groups forcefully. (just kidding)