Yekaterina Lisina a girl with longest legs in the world

Yekaterina Lisina

Yekaterina Lisina

Yekaterina Lisina is a former basketball player from Russia. She was a part of Russian National team in 2008 Olympics, winning the bronze medal. In 2014 she left playing basketball and join her passion which is modelling.

She said ” I like playing basketball and other sports but modelling is my passion and I want to become a supermodel since I was 15 years old”

Moreover she said ” I think long legs are more pretty, I feel confident with them but sometimes it is difficult for me to find trousers of my lenght

Yekaterina Lisina Height

While standing bare feet Lisina stands 2.06 m tall (6 ft 9 in).

Lisina Achievements

She has the world record of having the largest female feet in Russia and Longest female legs in the world. Now she is happily doing in what she believes.

(Hungary-A, 2004-06)
(Russia-Premier League, 2006-07)
(Russia-Premier League, 2007-09)
(Slovak Republic-Extraliga, 2009)
(Russia-Premier League, 2009-10)
(Russia-Premier League, 2011-14)