Who is Zahid Fateh Ali Khan? Tremendous voice

A real soulful voice

Zahid Fateh Ali Khan
Zahid Fateh Ali Khan is a qwal belong from Narowal

Zahid Fateh Ali Khan is a pure talent

Zahid Fateh Ali Khan is a qawal who belongs from a small village of zafarwal district Narowal. He has a tremendous voice in which he copies the style and voice of great qawal legend ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. There is no doubt and comparison of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, He was a very big name of the music industry of the world.

Zahid is not a family member of Khan’s family of Qawali but he calls himself as “Zahid Fateh Ali Khan” he loves to use the surname of Khan family to show his love towards Ustaad NFAK. There are three famous qawals who are considered as the students of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. One is Ustaad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, the other ones are Asif Suntoo Ali Khan and Rizwan Moazam.

He only recites the qawwalis and ghazals which are associated and sung by late Nusrat Fateh. A couple of times when people asked him to sing songs of any other singer he refused. He had been seen in his village and nearby areas singing in his melodious voice. In recent days some of his clips got viral. People appreciated him a lot because of his voice and dedication. He showed extreme love for his ideal.

People opinion related to Zahid Fateh Ali Khan

Different people giving different views after seeing him. Some said he should be given a chance on a bigger platform. One of a person said “if I close my eyes and listen to him, I feel I am listening to Singing Buddha

As we can see that video of him getting viral soon he can be seen on a very big platform. All the well-wishers of him praying that he should come forward and contribute into the music industry. Where we are lacking actual talent with a soulful and powerful natural voice.

Here is the video where he can be seen while singing amazing compositions of Legend NFAK.